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Version: June 28, 2019


From Gary Krasner

Coalition For Informed Choice





What’s NEW in this June 28 update:

More wisdom from Jim West (under the 6-26-19 entry).

Deadlines to vaccinate is clarified in item “c” under section, “What The New Law Does.”

Added new item “f” in same section: “One parent’s advice for IEP children.”

Plus other tidbits here and there.


What was new in the June 25 update:

Some tweaks of sections, but no exemption news per se.


What was new in the June 24 update:

I added option #4 to the “Your Individual Options” section.

Late Sunday night I entered additional contact information to #4 (the “Pennsylvania” option).

I re-wrote the “About Advocacy” section. My point is much clearer.

I added the subsection, “A Relevant Portion From Jim West’s Blog”

I will announce soon that I will make available my huge library of Natural Hygiene books and tapes.


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Please Bear In Mind that since 2000, over 5,000 parents completed my membership form. That’s means they made it to my bulk email list. After two initial mailings the response was huge — an average 200 messages per day. With that size, I can’t respond immediately, nor even on the same day.  So please be patient.  And I thank everyone from refraining from phone calls.  That helps.


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PLEASE UNDERSTAND.  Since the repeal of the religious waiver, parents were desperate for solutions quickly, and my expertise was only about applying for the waiver.


So I’m really a conduit of information now, and sometimes the people who offer information couldn’t get their message correct the first time, or experts whom I rely upon may not agree with each other.  That’s to be expected in a sudden and complicated situation.


But vetting info, waiting for replies, dealing with petty disputes or seeking consensus takes time. It also accounts for the false starts and consequently, these periodic updates. So please ignore previous info and rely on this posting for now.


And bear in mind as well, that I was never a distributor of vaccine exemption news. My deal with John Gilmore was for him to mass-mail that kind information when I needed it.  (But he’s not responding to me any longer.)  So do not expect timely news from me. Certainly not via email.


The best policy would be to check the following webpage for my updates (top of the page is always dated) before you take significant actions. Advice can always change over time.


Check the date at the top.  If you see a new date, that means the info changed.  New or changed information will appear as it comes in, and will be displayed at:   http://www.cfic.us/legislation/religious/repeal.htm   I will no longer be emailing it.


Always check with prominent activists and lawyers in the front lines. For the most part, I’m just a consumer of their news like you are.



Who Should Read This


Since I became a full time caseworker long ago, and stopped being an active advocate, I feel responsible for the members who invested their trust in my judgments. I’m not accountable to anyone else and I want to avoid disputes over what to convey and how to convey it.  There are lots of activists and they all have opinions.




This webpage is solely for the people I’ve come to know through my work.  http://www.cfic.us/legislation/religious/repeal.htm


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-- What The New Law Does

-- What Are Your Options?

-- Wait For The Lawsuits

-- We Need Parents For Lawsuits!

-- Personal Reflections

-- Looking Back 20 Years

-- Personal Indulgence

-- The Way Forward

-- About Advocacy

-- The Untold Story of Measles

-- Excerpts From The Email Discussion, May 2019

-- A Medical Doctor Opines On Measles Infection And Transmission



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What The New Law Does


This repeal of the religious waiver includes harsh provisions:


(a)  The repeal is immediate. Cuomo said this bill was his top priority and he wasted no time enacting it into law. So, starting June 13, 2019, schools will not accept religious exemption applications.


(b)  Existing religious exemptions will not be “grand-fathered”, meaning that your exemption that was approved in the past will no longer exempt you.


(c)  Unvaccinated or undervaccinated students who wish to remain in school (if they’re attending over the summer) by way of vaccination compliance, then they would have had to obtain vaccinations by June 28th 2019. If the student is returning to school after the summer vacation, then the deadline for getting vaccines (per the government’s ‘catch-up’ schedule) is 14 days after the start of classes in September:



I see that the nazis post updates with more extensive information called, “Frequently Asked Questions About Legislation Removing Non-Medical Exemptions from School Vaccination Requirements”:

http://www.p12.nysed.gov/sss/documents/nonmedical vaccine exemption FAQ 0618 final.pdf


(d)  Previously, a student would be in compliance of the law by showing results of a blood test indicating immunity to the disease in question. It could be natural immunity obtained from being exposed to the pathogen, or from a previous vaccine that was given. I haven’t heard anything about that option being rescinded. Proof of immunity is in a section of the law other than S.2164(9) — the one that was repealed. With respect to measles specifically: “Anyone born after January 1, 1957, who has not received two doses of a measles-containing vaccine, or who does not have a blood test proving that they are already immune to measles, should receive two doses of the MMR vaccine.” (DOH quote)


This general information was sent to me — a conduit — who knows nothing about this stuff (so don’t ask):  A titer test is typically used to test immunity after some time and not very soon after a vaccine. So find out how soon your school would accept test results. You may find this document helpful. It indicates that you should do titer test before and after a vaccine is given (or exposure to the disease?), as well as a few other things:



(e)  Good News: Only the religious exemption for primary and secondary schools is repeal.  That’s elementary school, middle school, and high school. You can still obtain exemptions for college just as before.

Please note: NYS published an FAQ document concerning requirements following the repeal of NY CLS Pub Health §2164(9):  http://www.p12.nysed.gov/sss/documents/doh-sed-ocfs-vaccination-faq.pdf

Note that the meaning of item #6 is that once your kid reaches age 18, AND is still attending high school, then that kid can be totally unvaccinated and is not required to get any vaccines at all.

Vaccines for college attendance is still required, under NY CLS Pub Health §2165. But NY CLS Pub Health §2164(9) was not repealed, so you can still apply for the waiver as before.


(f)  One parent’s advice for IEP children:


If a student is receiving special education at school, often they were evaluated for and now receive one of the following: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech, counseling.


If now homeschooling, the parent should now review that IEP and be aware of what their child should be receiving, including any missed sessions (located as written towards the back of the IEP after the goals section). It may look something like this: “OT 2 x 30x1”, meaning the child is supposed to have occupational therapy twice a week for 30 minutes individually (seen by themselves instead of in a group). If it says something like speech 2x30x2 that means they are recommended to be seen in a group of 2 for 30 minutes twice a week).


Please contact HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) about your responsibilities and rights in this matter.


An IEP is a legal, binding document and the children are mandated to have any missed sessions covered. Because of what has happened, the Department of education may refuse to pay for these sessions and it now becomes responsibility of parent. One parent said that a threat of cps getting involved. Also, it is unclear what is the responsibility of the state.


I believe there is currently a lawsuit that is being pursued. More information on this soon.


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NOTE: As usual, legislatures provide the blueprints, and regulatory agencies have to come up with details to implement the law.  Schools will inform you of the details and timetables, and activists will post more information when it becomes available. Official answers to any other questions about the new law can be directed to http://www.nysed.gov/ or your local school system. Not to me, a mere conduit.


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Your Individual Options  (randomly listed)


REMEMBER, I’m listing these ideas solely from indirect knowledge.  I have no expertise or experience in any of these endeavors.


1.  Homeschool or homeschool cooperatives.  Seek out homeschooling organization in NYS and the US. You will be instructed on how to have your child homeschools, even if you have a 9 to 5 job. I understand, for example, that more than 500 families on Long Island are already engaged in figuring out the process of building homeschool cooperatives to be replicated all over the place. Contact vaccine awareness groups in NYS and in the US for more information. Start Googling.  Perhaps start with The Home School Legal Defense Association.  I’ve known about them for 25 years.


2.  It’s almost impossible to get a medical waiver. And each vaccine must be periodically certified as risky for your child! Before the appeal, it was next to impossible to get the DoH to approve a doctor’s certification of susceptibility to vaccines. After the repeal, health officials are expecting an increase in medical exemption applications. Expect them to scrutinize them more critically than before.


3.  If you reside close to the borders of Pennsylvania, NJ, Connecticut, Vermont or Massachusetts, then try to apply to a school in that state. Schools enforce the vaccine laws of the state in which they exist.  Not where the parents reside.  I suppose a long commute would be a factor.


4.  If you own property in Pennsylvania, or you have friends or relatives residing in Pennsylvania, think about this:


Pennsylvania has a homeschooling option in which the kid just has to roll out of bed and switch on his computer. It’s live teleconferencing (one way, so he doesn’t even have to get dressed!) in which an instructor does the lessons, just like a regular classroom. I’m told by people who use this free service that the teachers are great.  Better than nazi-occupied NYS.  And it sounds like a win-win. Parents can sit on their asses and do nothing (or go to their 9 to 5 job), And the teachers don’t have to deal face-to-face with bratty kids. Is this heaven?  No, it’s Pennsyl-fuckin-vania!  Go here:  http://www.pacyber.org/


A nice feature of this Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School is that your child can physically be anywhere in the world when he’s being educated on the computer. The school system doesn’t know the location of his computer. Even if they did, he could be visiting his Aunt in NYS. Not a problem, so long as you register him for school in Pennsylvania. Perhaps you have an ex-husband living in Pennsylvania?  Whatever.


If you’re in the market for a home, rental or relocation asistance in PA, then call Gigi at 631-626-9685. Gigi can also assist you with information about the homeschooling process in PA. ALSO, Gigi is currently researching this virtual homeschooling further. Apparently, requirements may not be the same throughout the state. But there’s enough to be hopeful that this is a viable option. Gigi is a member of CFIC and a parent just like you.


I suppose that you can also investigate other states that might have this form of homeschooling.


5.  In my previous version, I wrote that “your child can be protected from diseases with a safe alternative homeopathic vaccine.” I didn’t wish for you to construe that schools consider homeoprophylaxis an acceptable alternative to allopathic vaccines. It is not. My sole focus has always been to provide guidance for religious waivers, but in years past, I’ve heard about parents submitting records with homeopathic vaccines listed. But after the repeal, schools will surely check the NYS Computerized Immunization Registry (“CIR”) to see if the vaccine and lot numbers exist or match what’s written in the record you submitted. Some homeopathic practitioners claim they record lot numbers. But I don’t know enough about any of this, and since fraud carries legal risks, I cannot recommend it. (BTW, I’m told some doctors don’t upload their vaccine records, even though they’re supposed to.)


6.  Likewise, I similarly heard stories of parents who obtained a blank vaccine record online or from their doctor (“doctor, my schools wants a record, even if it’s blank.”), and filled it out with vaccines. They might sign it using the name of a recently retired pediatrician. There doesn’t seem to be one official form.  I’ve received a large number of different forms from parents. I would imagine the school can verify its authenticity by viewing the vaccine record on the state’s computer registry. But regardless, as with the homeopathic example, this is fraud and holds risks I cannot recommend.


7.  Move out of NYS!  Thousands of people are leaving NYS for reasons other than vaccination.  https://wallethub.com/edu/states-with-highest-lowest-tax-burden/20494/


- - - - - - - - -


Wait For The Lawsuits


(Note: Do not ask me ANY questions about ANY lawsuit.  I’m just a conduit.  Conduits don’t know shit.)


There are lawsuits that will be filed shortly that may obviate your need to act on the above options. 


Each lawsuit will challenge the state’s actions in different ways, with the goal of restoring our ability to opt out of vaccination.


To learn more about some lawsuits, you might find them mentioned at Children’s Health Defense (CHD) https://childrenshealthdefense.org/




We Need Parents For These Lawsuits


The lawyers instructed me to urge you not to share this section about these lawsuits with ANYONE.

Not even with like-minded parents.

We cannot risk allowing opposing counsel prepare for these lawsuits!


Among the many lawsuits, you may be able to participate in one of the following important 5 lawsuits. If you previously replied to me via email with information about your child (those 3 lawsuits I listed), the requests for that have changed, so I deleted whatever you sent to me.


The new information being requested is different, including the email address where it must be sent. So please reply to these new requests below if you meet any of the categories.


But you may have already received these 5 categories from a different organization or person.


So if you had already replied to it with the info that was requested, then DO NOT reply to it again. We’re just making sure everybody received it. That’s why you may see it coming from multiple sources.




If your child is only missing pertussis containing vaccine (Tdap or DTaP), polio vaccine (IPV) and/or Hepatitis B vaccine:


Email your child’s vaccine record and any titer results to <mykidsmychoice@gmail.com>

Write “Category A” in the subject line.


Include in the email:

What grade your child would be attending this upcoming school year.

The name of the school the child attends.

Any prior vaccine reaction.




If your child is solely missing MMR and/or Varicella (chicken pox) vaccines BECAUSE you oppose the use of aborted fetal tissue:


Email your child’s vaccine record and any titer results to <mykidsmychoice@gmail.com>

Write “Category B” in the subject line.


Include in the email:

What grade your child would be attending this upcoming school year.

The name of the school the child attends.




If you are not sure what vaccines your child is missing:


Email your child’s vaccine records and any titer results to <mykidsmychoice@gmail.com>

Write “Category C” in the subject line.


Include in the email:

What grade your child would be attending this upcoming school year.

The name of the school the child attends.

Any prior vaccine reaction.




If your child has a medical exemption signed by an MD or DO:


Email a copy of the medical exemption to <mykidsmychoice@gmail.com>

Write “Category D” in the subject line.


Include in the email:

What grade your child would be attending this upcoming school year.

The name of the school the child attends.

Has the medical exemption been rejected in the past?

Any other information regarding the medical exemption you think is relevant.




If your child has an IEP, send an email to <mykidsmychoice@gmail.com>

If your child’s IEP is already scanned, feel free to attach a copy.

Write “Category E” in the subject line.


Include in the email:

What grade your child would be attending this upcoming school year.

The name of the school the child attends.

What services your child receives under his/her IEP.

Whether your child is on a 10 or 12 month program.

Any change in the receipt of services under the IEP since removal of the religious exemption.

Describe any prior vaccine reactions.



PLEASE, any questions about the lawsuits will be answered much later, after you provide the info. And not by Gary Krasner, your conduit.




Tutorial  -  How To Properly Scan A Text Document


You may have to scan (i.e. digitize) paper records before you email them. Whether you scan them, or a copy shop scans them for you, please bear this in mind:


The resulting image files can be unnecessarily large, if they are not scanned correctly. Possibly too large for emailing.


You can avoid creating bloated image files by following these guidelines:


Text documents do not have to have full color depth!  Just set your scanner to Black and White.  Or tell that to the copy shop technician.


Additionally, scan at 100 percent dimensions, 600 dots per inch resolution, 1-bit black & white color depth (not gray or color), and save as TIF file format with CCITT Fax Compression.


NOT a JPG file format!  Why?  Because the edges in those files are “anti-aliased” (i.e fuzzy), making continuous toned photos pleasing to view, but not text, which requires hard edges.


After scanning and saving the TIF file, it’s good practice to use filenames that describes the image (such as “Joey’s vax record”.  Not “ST000098.TIF”)




Looking Back 20 Years


I thank those of you who placed your trust in me.  I’ve tried to be fair with parents, though not always patient!  I let out my frustrations mostly because of the many hours I’ve been forced to sit at a desk doing this job.  Wasn’t good for my health.


I took over this “job” from my dear friend Sharon Kimmelman (Vaccination Alternatives, 1985 to 1998). I didn’t expect this to be a career move in the beginning. But I stuck with it because it felt more rewarding than when I worked in the graphic arts industry and pre-press service bureaus.


In 2001, when it was getting harder to obtain religious exemptions, I thought that if I can identify religious rationales that are acceptable to schools, then it would solve the problem. Through trial and error, I succeeded. I also thought that if legislators saw the growing numbers of exemptions, that would inhibit their desires to increase vaccine mandates. I failed to anticipate they would repeal exemptions.


During the repeal debates, arguing for repeal, pro vaccinators and Jewish schools claimed that Judaism does not proscribe vaccination.  That was irrelevant.  They alleged that Jews do not have a religious reason for exemption. That’s wrong.  Moreover, they don’t get to decide.  Ultimately, the courts do.


The exemption law made the application process subject to adjudication. If a school is violating the procedure in some fashion, the parent must take it to court. If the school says Jews can’t claim an exemption, a court must decide it.  Those were their rules.  CFIC played by those rules.  We obtained 80 to 100 exemptions per year. Christians, Jews, and Buddhists (etc.)  An average of 2-4 got denied. We won virtually all our appeals for parents who decided to fight it.  Apparently, pro vaccine rabbis and school administrators couldn’t convince judges that Jews have no reason to abstain from vaccines!


NY CLS Pub Health §2164(9) was amended in 1989 — to make dispositive solely what the applicant believes on her own terms, and not what different rabbis, ministers, or the Dalai Lama might believe.  This stemmed from Judge Wexler’s 1987 determination that the prior statute had granted preferences solely to religions whose tenets are specifically opposed to vaccination.


That essentially authorized a school, under the aegis of government authority, to judge the correct and valid interpretation of ecclessiastical questions. Wexler concluded that such government adoption of the religious conclusions of, for example, one rabbi over another, had exceeded the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.  See: Sherr and Levy v. Northport East-Northport Union Free School District, 672 F. Supp. 81 (E.D.N.Y. 1987).


Why is this significant?  Because in 1989, NY CLS Pub Health §2164(9) thereby became statutory authority that stated that neither Rabbis nor legislators nor the Pope have anything dispositive to say about someone’s religion in this proceeding.  Only the courts do.  Thus, the remarks from repeal supporters who alleged that there was no religious justification to refuse vaccines was utterly at odds with NYS law and out of place.


I’m grateful to Sharon Kimmelman for being the role model for me. Helping parents refuse vaccines, as she had done, became a rewarding experience for me. I’m also grateful to Maja and Tahl Leibovitz for joining me in this work, thereby allowing me some free time.


There are too many supporters to thank here, but I must mention Irina Dzyubinsky.  She’s a good friend and the person who researched my documents on “blood in vaccines”, and worked with my esteemed friend Steven Mayo on the herd immunity project, which didn’t get completed. Steven is the brilliant “lawsuit idea man”, who comes up with the basis for lawsuits that favor our interests.


For their great support and friendship, I thank several attorneys, whom I cannot name, because they can practice law better by not being associated with CFIC.  But they know who they are.  I also always appreciated their occassional free legal advice from time to time, and hoping that will continue!


I should probably stop there, because I’m going to leave out more than 200 people over the years, but the following people were great supporters, either personally or professionally, or did things (or just one thing) that meant a lot to me, and one person’s story that inspired me to keep fighting for parents (Carol), and another’s (Marge) who was a portrait in grace, my friends:


Angelina Masheyeva, Arnold Gore, Barney Paiken, Bud Weiss, Carol Conroy, Dawn Richardson, Debi Vinnedge, George Yiachos, Harold Buttram, Heather Walker, Hilary Butler, Ingri Cassel, Jason Gorman, Jim West, Larry Palevsky, Michael Christian, Michael Schachter, Ralph Fucetola, Sharon Kimmelman, Steven Mayo, Tedd Koren, and the late Marge Grant.


I could add many more names, but it would take up the whole page. I’m grateful to so many parents and colleagues who have been a great help to me and in supporting the cause that was CFIC’s mission.  I never would have met and befriended so many fine and decent people had I not chosen to do this work.


I have a large backlog of personal chores and projects that need to get done. Perhaps I’ll have the time now.


And if you change email addresses, let me know. I will have something of value for everyone in about a month or two.


Stay Well My Friends

Gary Krasner



Personal Indulgence


Please do not call me.  For the past 20 years, I’ve assisted a few thousand parents.  And many are calling me now.  Too many at once.  And now I’m targeted by unwanted solicitations from US Pharmacy whose calls you cannot block.  So my phone is often turned off.  Email me instead, with question or comment, leaving a phone number and when to call back if necessary.


Those of you who were waiting for me to complete the terms of my service, you can expect your refunds, minus the $15 for admin chores which I explained previously. Just allow me some time to organize what I’ll do (gotta search all of it manually across 3 databases). Also be aware that I’m dealing with 70 to 130 emails per day following this repeal..


Also, we may win the lawsuits and our religious exemption might be restored.  So please let’s wait a bit and see what happens.  Of course I feel badly about the repeal.  That’s an understatement.  This will change all our lives.


But I wasn’t surprised about the repeal.  I expected it eventually.  Once the Democrats won all 3 branches (executive + both houses) of NY state gov, for the first time in half a century, it was only a matter of time that they would go after the religious waiver.  Turns out they wasted no time at all.


The arrogance that embodies Cuomo and Democrats (as it does all socialists) is that they think government knows best, because government says it knows best. No need to debate climate, fluoridation, stem cells vs. embryonic stem cells, HIV=AIDS, or vaccination. You voted for a Democrat over the pro-family, pro-religion candidate?  Big mistake. Now we’re forced to let our kids get blood poisoning and wait for your energy bill after Cuomo enacts his carbon tax.


And Dems actually said the common good trumps religion and freedom to dissent. Cuomo is right because he says he’s right. We have no exemptions now because the tyranny of the majority prevailed, as it always does under socialism — the very political philosophy that the Framers expressly opposed. Conformity to uniformity for the common good. Human nature is not in sync with communism.  That’s why there are mass killings under communism.  That’s why there is coercion to conform, with speech codes and re-education camps. Free thinking citizens and human fetuses don’t have a chance in Cuomo’s NYS anymore.



The Way Forward


The way forward warrants that we glance backward a bit.  The survivability of the religious waiver was always in doubt — An issue I predicted we would eventually be forced to deal with. It’s consistent with my advice for at least a decade ago.


In 2001, I wrote the philosophical bill, and amendments to the medical and religious waivers under section 2164. I lobbied Senator Frank Padavan to sponsor them, and by the following year, I had a sponsor in the Assembly (Patricia Acampora). In 2005, Acampora resigned from the legislature, but I met with Richard Gottfried and he strengthened the religious and medical bills. But he wouldn’t touch the philosophical.


Yet it was around that time that I was pitching the philosophical waiver as our best long term hope. Coincidently, around that time, Barbara Loe Fisher was touting the religious waiver as our best hope, because freedom of religion, she argued, is enshrined in the Constitution. I even found myself on the phone with her around 2008 making my case.


What case? I felt there was a trend in which society was moving away from religion on matters of grave public policy issues. I thought that increasing secularization would eventually place the religious waiver in the crosshairs. In part, because secularists, and even most believers in God, cannot evaluate religious-based rationales (that reject vaccines) in an objective way, in a commonly accepted framework. Whereas everyone can engage in a science debate over vaccine safety and efficacy, and arrive at a judgment about truthfulness.


In contrast, a religious rationale, like religion itself, is self-justifying, requiring only the holder of the belief to accept it’s truthfulness. Yet for freedom of conscience to prevail, a society cannot be drifting towards majoritarianism and secularism. It has been for decades, and we are witnessing the results of moral imperatives supplanted by utilitarian values, in other states and finally now in NYS.


Like I said, in the face of this trend I saw, I had warned activists over a decade ago that we would have to grapple with the particulars of vaccines and the paradigms that give it support. Searching my old files today, I came across a 2008 Memorandum in Support of my philosophical exemption bill that the sponsor used. I’ve often said that the religious exemption provision is a slow-leaking “lifeboat” that will eventually sink. You can see a fragment of that argument in the last 2 pages:



With respect to which science arguments in particular, that should be included, I had an opinion about that as well:



Just because I was right a long time ago, doesn’t mean I’m right today. There are many means to the end.  Many kinds arguments to make.  And without a religious exemption, we finally must make them.



About Advocacy

June 2019


It was well over 15 years ago that I warned advocates to stop focussing solely on vaccine injuries.


Talk about making vaccines safer validates the theory that vaccines prevents disease. Our self-appointed, mainstream advocates didn’t listen to me. They proudly proclaimed on Larry King that they were not “anti vaccine.”


But when fear of disease is at it’s highest, the public and lawmakers and courts are less receptive to those arguments. We are experiencing that now, with the measles scare.  Just like California’s setback a few years ago.


We are in this situation because years ago and currently, our mainstream elites shunned the label “anti vaccine”, thereby marginalizing those who challenged the germ theory paradigm.  They secured their place in the mainstream media, at the expense of those with the more pointed, “radical” arguments. We’re still being led by these self-appointed elites.


For every study showing vaccines are dangerous, there are 1000 showing the opposite.  And even is you win the argument, who decides what is “safe”, and when vaccines are now deemed safe?!  When we try to go toe to toe with pharma, we lose through attrition. We need to change the argument.


The crux of compulsory vaccination has always been transmission (from person to person) from a microbial pathogen. In a word, “contagion.”


Every advocate with access to the mainstream media (welcomed, because they publicly declare not to be “anti-vaccine”) argues that vaccines are neither safe nor efficacious. That’s good.  But they stop there and go no further.


I’ve been involved in this issue since 1978. That argument has advanced the ball only so far, because it necessarily presents medical study versus medical study.  On that battleground, we lose, because:


(1)  through attrition, they have 100 studies for every one that you have, (2) the public never reads studies (they defer to the experts in the mainstream), so in the end, (3) they only pay attention to the mainstream experts who tout their studies. If they read their own studies, the public would know that vaccines are the dominant cause of autism by now.


I’ve given medical doctors my articles over the years: The ones that argue that microbes don’t cause disease (and therefore there’s no contagion).  And alternatively, the diseases are caused by toxins in the environment or drugs.


What I’ve noticed is that (1) they have no counter argument, and (2) these arguments are simple enough for the public to grasp (Natural Hygiene sure is!).


Why?  Because MDs have no knowledge of NH, so they have no direct counterpoint (in the form of medical studies) to environmental toxins (or factors other than biological pathogens) as the causes. They sure don’t know the Hygienic counterpoint to the germ theory.


I’m no genius, but I’ve learned from playing chess that the best move is one that is not met with a good counter move. When the mainstream has a counter argument, they remain in the mainstream.  It doesn’t matter if their argument is better.  There are good studies showing vaccine failure and vaccine injury. Why hasn’t it been enough to sway the majority?


Because the excuse given is that that one vaccine wasn’t tested enough or manufactured correctly. Vaccinators are never forced to admit that the theory supporting vaccination is erroneous, because no one on our side makes the argument that it is erroneous.


“But Gary, they have studies showing lower disease incidence among the vaccinated.”  Sure, but we have studies showing the opposite.  Where has that gotten us?!  Nowhere.  It’s still a draw and that gives them the win.  But what if you explain why vaccinated people don’t get sick — which is their conclusion from the studies they cherry pick. The why may be the symptom suppression effects that all drugs have.


Huh?  All that means is that chemicals in a vaccine have the same effects on the body as most drugs or common antipyretics. They’re all essentially sublethal doses of a poison which checks the elimination of metabolic waste being purged through abnormal channels. Doctors believe that stopping the symptoms is good.  But that just allows the waste to remain in the body and blood. Sometimes that leads to injury or death. Doctors say, “the poor child suffered from complications of the disease.” No, the child suffered from your treatment. This is a small part of the Natural Hygiene philosophy. But it’s a hell of a lot easier to grasp than the allopathic philosophy!  Facts from studies are fine. But a sound theory closes the deal. But that theory is not being propounded by “our betters.”


http://www.vaclib.org/basic/gk/pdf/FACTS vs BELIEFS.pdf


When they were repealing the religious waiver, what was the driving force?  A supposed measles epidemic. You witnessed it up close. You witnessed how fear of contagion trumps your safety and efficacy arguments.  The thinking goes is that most vaccines prevent disease, and most are safe for most people. They even admit, “hey, no drug is perfect.”  Arguing that vaccines have failed only proves that there needs to be better vaccines!  It’s an argument on behalf of vaccine users!


In other words, you’re doing nothing to dispel the vaccine-germ theory paradigm — which is the only theory that renders compulsory vaccination legally justified. They present their germ theory philosophy, and we don’t present the Hygienic theory to counter and supplant it. A philosophy essentially explains how complicated things work. Human beings need explanations!  They don’t believe in magic (except Scientologists)  Give them Natural Hygiene.


I should stop there and not get political, but just to drive home the point. There’s a political philosophy that works — free market capitalism.  It’s not perfect, but it has eradicated more poverty in the last half of the 20th century than any other system. There’s another system that has failed in practice everytime and everywhere it has been tried. Regardless of the reasons why it’s failed (and I can’t sure tell you why), the fact remains that Communism and Socialism (which are both tyrannies of majoritarianism) are extraordinarily popular today. WHY?!!!  Because those political philosophies espouse idealic aspirations that’s very attractive, especially among the young, who don’t know shit. Who’s against equality?!  Who’s against making billionaires giving us some of their shit?! Who’s against puppies and sunshine?!  The mainstream media doesn’t bother to explain why the socialist system fails, let alone show the history of those failures. Or even bothers to correct him about current events: Bernie still cites scandinavian nations as socialist. That experiment began in the 1970’s.  Today, they have free market capitalism.  And the point remains, socialism is popular because the merits of the alternative theory (free markets) is rarely touted, and often demonized.


“You have to win the argument before you can win the election”  . . . British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher


So forget studies and statistics. They’re useless by themselves. People are drawn to ideas and themes and stories. They want ideas and explanations for what they see in reality — explanations that explain the facts and observations. Yet we don’t provide the theory that countervails allopathic medicine. Most vaccine refusers never even heard of Natural Hygiene.


I don’t wish to keep losing or playing to a draw.  You don’t win that way.  Experience proves that.  The “safer vaccine” crowd failed us.  “Safety and efficacy” is the arena pro vaccinators and media know well. It’s their turf. We haven’t prevailed in that arena. Let’s try another one.



The Untold Story of Measles


Titles like that one seeks to draw attention to itself.  All I seek to do is share with you my bias about measles and disease in general.  It is indeed an untold point of view. Or seldom told.


And it is certainly my bias, as my articles show: http://www.vaclib.org/basic/gk/


One of those articles, from 2006, is “Polio Awareness Day - Medical Myths Die Hard”

http://www.vaclib.org/basic/gk/pdf/Polio Awareness Day - Medical Myths Die Hard.pdf


On page 13, you can read the story of Dr. Harold Runsdorf and Legionnaires’ Disease. In 1979, that was my first introduction to the practice of public health officials ignoring toxicological causes of mass illnesses, or outbreaks.


Fortunately, my good buddies Jim West and David Crowe are better experts on the topic. They’re scientists. I’m just a kibitzer, and a conduit.


Jim West






David Crowe








Last May, I was privileged to be included in a group discussion about the alleged measles outbreak.  I will excerpt a portion of the discussion. We are not dealing with a biological pathogen. Measles is an man-made environmental disease.


But first, I met the brilliant Jim West over 15 years ago. Perhaps the best advocate on non-microbial, environmental factors that cause or induce (vicarious elimination) symptoms of infectious disease, such as measles. Think air, water, food. and host susceptibility. Look for the commonality.  Epidemiology must include toxicology.


I got to know David Crowe over roughly the same period of time. He is the equal of Jim, both in courage in taking on the sacred cows of medicine, and the honesty that’s totally lacking in Big Science. David has been among the leading voices in the fight to dispel the HIV=AIDS myth and the conventional germ theory of disease. Minor disputes like that!


As an aside, I have many stories of success using Natural Hygiene as the working theory. For example, nerve trauma from exposure to cold (on my back) induced my shingles 25 yrs ago. Fasting on distilled water is the treatment (for all inflammatory illnesses).  I fasted on distilled water for 8 days.  Total cure.  Even insects can induce nerve trauma that triggers elimination.  Rational Bacteriology (1953. J. R. Werner, C. W. Weiant, & R. J. Watkins) reads:


Whatever there is of value regarding cause in the inoculable disease hypothesis obviously applies only because there is an intermediary host — an insect carrier or any similar penetrating and nerve-traumatizing agent. Just as obviously this argument does not apply to disease causation where this intermediary is not a factor. The point is: even though germs may be carried in another animal and be injected into the victim, pathogenic germs cannot travel themselves — and retain their virulence. One hour of direct sunlight kills all bacteria. Nor can they “invade” without the aid of an insect, for example. But organic matter and dejecta can be air-borne and can transport bacteria and spores. All of which shows the interrelationship of sanitary engineering, isolation, and screens, and the un-necessity of inoculations.


Whatever it is that triggers the vicarious elimination of metabolic waste, treating the inflammation with antipyretics and other symptom suppressants risks greater injury or death.


A good place to start in your education to the best alternative to allopathic medicine is http://soilandhealth.org/health-library/


Steve Solomon in Tazmania has scanned and OCRed the great works of Natural Hygiene and makes them available to everyone.  One fine book for child raising is “Healthy Childhood” (1952), by Jessie R. Thomson:  http://soilandhealth.org/copyrighted-book/healthy-childhood/


You can obtain other books like this by registering for them in the library.  Give Steve a donation for this invaluable service.


Also, “Healthy Childhood” (1952, J. Thomson) has a section on fasting for children (page 96), and you’ll find tidbits on fasting children throughout the book, such as this excerpt (but read the full context when you get the book) from pages 114-115:


Please do not be afraid of fasting your child; even in infancy, a 24-hour fast is safe and may prevent the  development of serious illness. It is unwise, nevertheless, to prolong a fast beyond three days-the nervous over- sensitive child of school age usually runs a high  temperature and holds on to it in an alarming way.  In such cases we advise a little well-switched-up  unpasteurised milk to bring him down to earth as it were.


(It is an entirely different matter, if your child is under the care of a naturopath who is applying manipulation or other modifying procedures at this stage.)


A case of measles in a well-developed baby of seven months responded excellently to one day fast and two days on nothing but diluted fruit juice in a feeding bottle. At no time did the child’s condition give the slightest cause for anxiety. Admittedly the parents had  a fine understanding of our philosophy on acute disease, did not insist on a name for the fever, and did not panic for one moment. Warmth and quiet and the reassuring presence of confident grown-ups made the treatment, in  this particular case, complete and wholly satisfactory.


- - - - -



Excerpts From The Email Discussion, May 2019

Refer To:





From: David Crowe


Here are my comments on your article Jim:



My article on measles takes a different approach, focusing on old US statistics:



The following letter is not specifically on measles, but on vaccines in general:



- - -


From: Vaccine Choice Canada


I look forward to reading your material.  Here’s some of ours that you might find interesting as well:




And there’s a section on measles in the news bulletin we sent out in March:



- - -


From: Jim West


Borough Park is not near the previously stated power plants, so that had me puzzled, but I now found a power plant near and upwind from Borough Park. -- the world’s largest floating barge generator plant, situated in Gowanus Bay. Maybe another plant nearby in the area. The area near this plant was also the areas where WNV crows would be found back in the day, Greenwood Cemetery, and Sunset Park.


Here is a journalist story about a “measles outbreak”, written 7/8/2009, talks about “last year’s outbreak”, which would be 2008:




This 2008 story sounds like our recent measles stories, 2019, “Williamsburg and Rockland”, measles epidemics at the same time. The 2008 story describes first infection from a “traveler from Israel”, like the recent measles stories. Medical fake journalists can’t even think of a new germ story. Just reprint and change the date :) See footnote for quote.


Study links measles to air pollution in China:



Without a white coat telling us these symptoms are of a virus, anyone would naturally assume air pollution (at least in NYC).


Fever, Dry cough, Runny nose, Sore throat, Inflamed eyes (conjunctivitis)


Tiny white spots with bluish-white centers on a red background found inside the mouth on the inner lining of the cheek — also called Koplik’s spots. A skin rash made up of large, flat blotches that often flow into one another


The first five symptoms are common for many people. The rashes are the body desperately ejecting poisons directly out through the skin.  More toxic, and it becomes chickenpox, worse and it becomes smallpox.  Could happen with water pollution, alternatively.


Polio epidemics it has been said, are usually preceded by mumps, measles, and pox epidemics.


- - -


From: Jim West


Re: the toxic fracking factor and measles.  Israel has 200 higher incidence of measles over the U.S. incidence.


Israeli ministry just called a halt to fracking as “too dangerous.”



U.S. set an all time record exporting petroleum products (fracking largely) this last year.


The world’s biggest measles epidemic is Ukraine with 44,000 cases, 500x the US incidence.


Ukraine is supposed to be fracking nirvana, tremendous shale repositories.


- - - - -



A Relevant Portion From Jim West’s Blog


The Natural View


Obviously, these are air pollution symptoms — dry cough, runny nose, sore throat and inflamed eyes are basic inflammatory symptoms. Fever represents the immune system working harder, and rash represents catharsis as the body expels debris, toxins and fluids out through the skin.


Clinicians, knowingly or unknowingly, are misdiagnosing air pollution symptoms as virus-caused measles, and that protects industry.


Clinicians would defend themselves: “We have sophisticated blood tests for measles which we run in a laboratory with modern shiny electronic equipment. This is expensive, lots of LED lights, digital readouts, software automation, and Internet-ready!”


However, the results of blood tests are simply blood-related symptoms — of pollution.


Clinicians would present a microbiological defense, yet the same critique applies. Whatever they find in their microscopes would merely be the micro-symptoms (mutated DNA, deranged cell structure, etc) of poisoning.


Micro-biologist Stefan Lanka has long argued for environmental causation and noted the lack of evidence for a measles virus. He specifically critiques the famous virologist Enders.







The first paper was published in 1954 by Enders et al... Enders... cut down dramatically on the nutrient solution and added cell-destroying antibiotics to the cell culture before introducing the allegedly infected fluid. The subsequent dying of the cells was then misinterpreted as presence and also isolation of the measles virus. No control experiments were performed to exclude the possibility that it was the deprivation of nutrients as well as the antibiotics which led to the cytopathic effects.



Lanka interview with David Crowe:




Generally, virologists declare that without isolation of a virus, there can be no proper identification and characterization of the virus, then they proceed to fake virus isolation.  Virologists’ claims are moot because they do not discount toxicological factors. Viruses thereby lack crucial evidence for their very existence.  Enders’ claim for isolation of poliovirus was found to be false by the biochemist Howard Urnovitz, PhD.




It is universally agreed that no study can be cited that demonstrates HIV isolation.  An unusual study, Chen (2017), researched measles and air pollution. It cautiously advises, “Effective policies to reduce air pollution may reduce measles incidence.”




- - - - -


From: Jim West (6-26-19):


A. Three ways to interpret pox “infection.”


1)   The pox disease is a set of symptoms to pollution: Coughing, sore  throat, fever, rash. Symptoms are “behavior”. We know that behavior is infectious. In a group, behavior like a yawn,  laughter, or the urge to vomit, can quickly spread through a group like  an infection. Therefore, the same goes for pox symptoms, especially among a polluted  group on the the threshold of symptoms.


2)   Hormones can remember and carry symptoms. Hormones can be shared by  touch, saliva, and vocal mists. That could explain group infectious behavior as seen at pox parties, etc., among people who are already poisoned (polluted) near a disease  threshold, and among those who are not even poisoned.


3)  “Spreading symptoms” is also an interpretation of polluted people  expressing pollution symptoms. Symptoms occur in individuals not all at  once, but like popping corn.


B. Why are 85% of cases among the unvaccinated?


Symptoms are a sign of healthy immune system. Vaccines disable symptoms.  In the article, I quote a related study, that found air pollution  disabling immune systems permanently for HPV warts.


The medical system exists to misinterpret and disable symptoms in order  to protect polluting technocracy, the apparent backbone of civilization.


Q and A:


Question:   B makes sense to me.  What do you think about the unvaccinated who didn’t get symptoms even if exposed? Their immune system is less healthy like the vaccinated, or more healthy than the ones who did get symptoms?


JW:   The virologist Stefan Lanka explains in the article why the measles virus is merely a propaganda distraction, not even a virus. So there is no “exposure” to a virus. The exposure is to pollution. And exposure to others exhibiting symptoms (pollution symptoms) which can be viscerally mimicked.


Everybody has different levels of prior chemical sensitivity to pollution. So different people, different pollution exposures, and thus different responses (symptoms).


It sounds very interesting, similar to what I’ve read about polio.


Question:   How would you explain the fact that you only get this once?


JW:   Studies done on polio and found that the “once” idea is false. Never proven true. Could be same with measles. The DOH guards all data severely, for a reason, to control propaganda.


Extracted from: http://harvoa.org/polio/index.htm “The orthodox view is that this [poliovirus] antibody is a result of a process of widespread latent immunization by subclinical infections with the specific virus. There is no direct evidence whatever in favour of this hypothesis… As far as we are aware, there is no fully substantiated record in the literature of an individual whose serum at first containing no poliomyelitis antibody later developed it in adequately measured amount, and therefore no indication of the nature of the event responsible for the change… It is concluded that ‘poliomyelitis antibody’ is not a result of exposure to or infection by the virus of epidemic poliomyelitis… [In addition to this study, h]ere we need only refer to Harmon and Harkins (1936), which showed that of 183 convalescent sera 40% failed to neutralize the virus.


As a control series they quote the results of examination of 512 ‘normal’ sera. Divided into age groups, these normal sera gave the following figures: 0-4 years, 37% neutralized; 5-14 years, 48% neutralized; over 15 years, 73% neutralized. ‘These observations … cast doubt upon the importance of a single attack of poliomyelitis for the production of antiviral substance’… Brodie et al (1937 and 1938) cover very much the same ground… [other studies include…]”


“Various workers have, in fact, shown that sera from patients recovered from paralytic poliomyelitis may be completely lacking in neutralizing antibody.”  F.M. Burnet and A.V. Jackson “Poliomyelitis: The Significance Of Neutralizing Antibodies In Human Sera” Australian Journal of Experimental Biology (1939) p261. And which other viruses do you hypothesize are not true viruses? chicken pox? mumps? rubella? roseola? pertussis?


All viruses are phoney for two reasons:


First, the main reason is that they do not discount the possibility of pollution poisoning when they study patients, or cells, or tissue. So any conclusions about viral causes are selective and precipitously, and always, exclude environmental factors.


A second reason: Viruses are claimed to have been “isolated” in order to study and characterize them, but that is false. They are not actually isolated. They are never perceived as a defined object. “They” are always in mixture with other matter (cell and hormonal debris, etc). Two refs below (polio and HIV). See Lanka in the article as he explains why measles virus is a fiction.





This is politically shocking, but it is better to shock people with simple truths than wade in the mud.



- - - - -


A Medical Doctor Opines On Measles Infection And Transmission


1)     Viruses, like bacteria, are airborne all the time, day in and day out. We are always exposed to viruses in our daily respiratory cycles, but are rarely sick on a day-to-day basis. Exposure to viruses and bacteria, in and of itself, does not automatically translate into infection. If it did, we would always be sick with viral and bacterial illnesses based on what we breathe in on a daily basis.


Infection from an external virus requires not only exposure to the virus, but said virus would have to enter the body through the mucous membranes, get incorporated into the genetic codes of the cells, and then turned on within the cells of the body to be replicated sufficiently to bring on the expression of the illness. An epigenetic factor must signal the body to turn on the replicating mechanism for the virus. The virus does not have the capability to turn itself on to the point of making more of itself.


Viruses, in and of themselves, are incapable of replicating and reproducing themselves. They must be embedded in our genetic codes AND be turned on to be replicated. Again, exposure to any virus is not sufficient to influence the expression of an infectious condition.


The concept that exposure to the measles virus automatically translates into an infection defies any scientific reasoning, and implies exposure can’t and doesn’t happen when measles infections are not seen in the community, and that exposure to the measles virus would automatically lead to the expression of an infection.


2)     The human body harbors hundreds of thousands of viruses embedded in our genetic codes, cellular mitochondria, and greater than 100 trillion colonizing bacteria. It is a huge assumption that the human body is only exposed to a virus, in this case the measles virus, through contagiousness from the outside, without us fully understanding and characterizing the types of viruses already living within the human body, among which could be the measles virus, and perhaps, most, if not all, of the other viruses against which we vaccinate.


3)     Yet, we operate the vaccine program under the assumption that people are not yet exposed to an infectious micro-organism without an active infectious illness affecting a community. In other words, without the existence of an active infection, there is no exposure to the infectious agent, and, therefore, no possibility of coming down with the illness.


By giving people a small exposure through injection, however, we would be preparing their immune systems for the time when the active infection in the community would offer them true exposure to the infectious agent. With the vaccine, they would theoretically be protected once they are exposed to the active infection in the community.


Under the original principles of the vaccine program, people who are not actively expressing the illness are not believed to be carrying or harboring the infectious agent.


Until now.  They can’t have it both ways!


4)     The underlying principle of vaccinating the herd has always been to vaccinate a sufficient number of children so there would be minimal chance of the infectious agent being spread to those who are less fortunate and unable to get vaccinated.


Vaccinating the herd is supposed to reduce the spread of the germ to those who aren’t, or can’t, be vaccinated. The more you vaccinate, the less chance there is for the unvaccinated to have the germ spread to them.


This parallels the theory of herd immunity during a natural infection, whereby once a sufficient percentage of children express an infectious illness, and the illness starts to slow down in the community, it is believed this slowing down would cause fewer contagious organisms to be spread around the community.


Thus, those who do not get the infection are protected by the herd that has had the infection.


Since a sufficient percentage of children have had the illness, and there are fewer active micro-organisms to spread around, there is less of a chance of the uninfected to get infected.


Thus, the infected people have protected the uninfected herd. The herd is protected because the illness has slowed down, and there is less of a chance for them to be exposed to the infectious agent. Without exposure, they do not get sick.


Now, all of a sudden, the unvaccinated are the harborers? Makes no sense.


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